The Mount Sinai Summer Institute for NeuroAIDS Disparities


Our summer scholars and their projects:

Summer of 2008

Uraina Clark, Ph.D.

Neurologic and neuropsychological effects of HIV and early life stressors in US-born and Liberian-born individuals.
Brown Medical School
Local faculty mentor: Ronald Cohen, Ph.D.

Kaori Kubo Germano, M.A.

Bilingualism and HIV-related neuropsychological impairment
Fordham University
Local faculty mentor: Monica Rivera-Mindt, Ph.D.

Melissa Nashat, Ph.D.

Expression of cannabis receptors in HIV-infected brain and expression of HIV in cannabis users
BMCC of the City University of New York an Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Local faulty mentor: Sunhee C. Lee, M.D.

Erin Sundermann, M.A.

Genetic predictors of cognition in HIV+ women
University of Illinois at Chicago
Local faculty mentor: Pauline Maki, Ph.D.

Summer of 2009

Kathryn Elliott, M.D., J.D.

Health Care Disparities in HIV Neuropathic Pain and Treatment
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Local faculty mentor: Jessica Robinson-Papp, M.D.

Colleen Lawhorn, Ph.D.

Genetic variants that influence HIV to AIDS progression in African American women illicit drug users
Rockefeller University
Local faculty mentor: Mary Jeanne Kreek, M.D.

Cordula Reitz, M.D.

Neurodevelopmental impairment among HIV-infected children in the developing world and factors influencing optimal treatment and care
Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University
Local faculty mentor: Louise Kuhn, Ph.D., M.P.H.

Reuben Robbins, Ph.D.

NeuroAIDS in Africa: Assessing neuropsychological functioning in HIV+ South Africans - A pilot study
HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies, Columbia University
Local faculty mentor: Robert Remien, Ph.D.

Summer of 2010

April Thames, Ph.D.

Evaluating the utility of neuroimaging, neuropsychological and functional assessment for identifying CNS dysfunction among African Americans: An integrative approach
University of California, Los Angeles
Local faculty mentor: Charles Hinkin, Ph.D.

Carmen Velazquez, Ph.D.

The role of early intervention in HIV-1 encephalopathy among minority pediatric patients
University of Miami
Local faculty mentor: Elizabeth WIllen, Ph.D.

Jennifer Lyons, M.D.

Predictive biomarkers for cognitive impairment in HIV infection
Harvard Medical School
Local faculty mentor: Dana Gabuzda, M.D.

Michelle Jacobs, Ph.D.

Genetic determinates of addiction risk and HIV
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Local faculty mentor: Yasmin Hurd, Ph.D.

Summer of 2012

Crystal Bethel-Brown, Ph.D.

Circulating endothelial cells: A biomarker for HAND
University of Nebraska Medical Center
Local faculty mentor: Shilpa Buch, Ph.D.

Jose Gutierrez-Contreras, M.D.

Interaction between HIV infection and race/ethnicity with intracranial vascular remodeling: A case-control study
Columbia University
Local faculty mentor: Randolph Marshall, M.D.

Steven Kleopoulus, M.D.

Inflammation as a cause of metabolic syndrome and cognitive impairments in HIV-infected patients: Focus on plasma miRNA
Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Local faculty mentor: Charles Mobbs, Ph.D.

Dionna Williams, M.S.

Characterization of monocyte maturation, HIV infection, and transmigration across the blood brain barrier among African and Latino Americans: Implications for NeuroAIDS
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Local faculty mentor: Joan Berman, Ph.D.

Summer of 2013

Alyssa Arentoft, Ph.D.

Antiretroviral efficacy in the post-HAART era: The impact of ARV neuropenetrance on cognition and white matter integrity in HIV+ African Americans
Local faculty mentor: Charles Hinkin, Ph.D.

Jennifer Campbell, B.S.

Macrophage infiltration during chronic immune activation as a link between brain injury and heart damage with HIV infection in high-risk minority populations
Boston College
Local faculty mentor: Kenneth Williams, Ph.D.

Rosa Rodriguez-Benetez, Ph.D., MPH

Spatial memory test (MI) as an early predictor of progression in HAND
University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus
Local faculty mentor: Valerie Wojna, M.D.

Stephani Velasquez, M.S.

Role of pannexin-1 hemichannels in migration of leukocytes into the CNS: Implications in neuroAIDS
University of Medicine and Dentistry New Jersey - Rutgers University
Local faculty mentor: Eliseo Eugenin, Ph.D.

Summer of 2014

Laurie Baker, M.A.

Assessment of functional capacity in HIV+ African American adolescents
University of Missouri, St. Louis
Local faculty mentor: Robert Paul, Ph.D.

Maria J. Marquine, PhD.

Risk factors for neurocognitive impairment in older HIV-infected Hispanics
Local faculty mentor: David Moore, Ph.D.

Andrea D. Raymond, Ph.D.

Identification by targeted exome capture of immunogenetic variations in anti-viral pattern recognition receptors that predispose African Americans to HIV infection and neuroAIDS
Florida International University
Local faculty mentor: Madhavan Nair, Ph.D.

Keenan Walker, M.A.

An examination of executive dysfunction associated with fronto-striatal circuitry in a diverse HIV+ sample: A pilot study
St. John's University
Local faculty mentor: Uraina Clark, Ph.D.

Summer of 2015

Miguel Arce, M.A.

Neurocognitive intra-individual variability in HIV: Measurement, immunological implications, and sociocultural determinants
Fordham University
Local faculty mentor: Monica Rivera-Mindt, Ph.D.

Jerel Adam Fields, Ph.D.

Interactions of ethnic mtDNA haplotypes with innate immunity gene expression and mitochondrial fission/fusion during HAND
University of California, San Diego
Local faculty mentor: Eliezer Masliah, M.D.

Andréa L. Hobkirk, Ph.D.

Understanding the role of social determinants in neuroAIDS disparities for racial and ethnic minorities
Duke University Medical Center
Local faculty mentor: Christina S. Meade, Ph.D.

Josué Pérez-Santiago, Ph.D.

Mitochondria and aging in Hispanic populations
University of California, San Diego
Local faculty mentor: Sanjay R. Mehta, M.D.

Summer of 2016

Taylor Kuhn, Ph.D.

Accelerated brain and cognitive aging in HIV+ African and European Americans
Local faculty mentor: April Thames, Ph.D.

Rosiris Leon Rivera, B.S.

Human peripheral blood monocyte DNA, transmigration across the BBB, and inflammatory profiles: Molecular mechanisms of increased risk for HAND in racial and ethnic minorities
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Local faculty mentor: Joan W. Berman, Ph.D.

Robert Smith, Ph.D.

Functional connectivity related cerebral blood flow changes in racial/ethnic minorities with HIV infection
Washington University in Saint Louis
Local faculty mentor: Beau Ances, M.D., Ph.D.

Kimberly Williams, Ph.D.

Role of heme oxygenase-1 microsatellite polymorphisms in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders: utilizing Secoisolariciresinol diglucose as a targeted therapeutic approach in African American patients
University of Pennsylvania
Local faculty mentor: Kelly Jordan-Sciutto, Ph.D.