The Mount Sinai Summer Institute for NeuroAIDS Disparities

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I have prior research experience in neuroAIDS to apply?

No. Our program can be adapted to individuals with or without prior neuroAIDS experience. We encourage individuals who have been productive in allied areas to consider working in neuroAIDS, as the cross-fertilization of ideas and methodologies is an excellent way to forge new frontiers in science.

I am a junior faculty member, but plan on submitting a K award in the upcoming year. Can I still apply for an MSINAD Scholar Grant?

Yes. As long as you have not received a notice of award by the time the summer program is in session, you are eligible to apply.

While I am not listed as a PI of an NIH award, I do have salary support from my local mentor's NIH grants. May I still apply for the MSINAD award, even if my mentor will continue to support my salary after the summer institute?

Yes. You may apply for an MSINAD award as long as you are not listed as the PI of the NIH mechanism. You can be supported by your local mentor's NIH grant in a non-PI capacity, and still be eligible for the MSINAD grant.

Can I use portions of the MSINAD award to support my attendance at professional meetings?

Yes. We are interested in supporting you and your science. Attendance at nationwide meetings is part of your professional development, and will enhance your ability to perform high quality science. If you do not have other sources to support such attendance, a portion of the MSINAD budget can be used for this.

I am participating in a T32 program at my institution. May I still participate in MSINAD?

Yes. MSINAD is an educational program designed to supplement the training you are receiving; in fact, T32 participants are generally encouraged to participate in R25 programs such as MSINAD.

Must I be a United States citizen to apply?

MSINAD awards are for young scientists who plan to submit their research to NIMH for funding. In general, many training mechanisms (F series and K series) have US citizenship requirements. While we do not require citizenship to apply to MSINAD, one of the criteria with which we evaluate applications is the likelihood that our award will assist the scholar in obtaining NIMH funding. Therefore, noncitizens will be at a disadvantage in the MSINAD application evaluation process.